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Spray Foam Insulation Gun Types

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Spray Foam Gun Types

Spray Foam Insulation guns are required to apply spray heated foam material as efficiently and precis as possible. It is essential to get the best spray foam gun best suited for your project for both price and durability. Below you can find a guide on best spray foam guns, and what is best suited for your contracting needs.

What is Spray Foam?

As you are researching the best insulation choices for your project, you may have come across spray foam, but still don’t know how it works. Spray Foam insulation is an insulation and air barrier that seals walls, floors, and ceiling cavities against air movement by using polyol resin and isocyanate, When these two chemicals are mixed, the foam can expand 60 times its original size, which allows for it to be an air barrier.

There are two different types of Spray Foam that can be used, closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam.

Open-cell spray foam is used for absorbing sound and insulation, while closed-cell spray foam is used to protect a room against heat loss.

Why The Type of Spray Foam Gun Matters?

In the field, each job needs to be done timely and efficiently to produce a profitable job. Equipment plays a huge part in keeping jobs efficient and on time. Breakdowns during a project can not only stop the entire job but force an entire redo of the work already done. The spray foam gun is a perfect example of the importance of getting the right tool. Without the gun working, the material cannot be properly applied. Below we will walk you through the different types of guns, and which gun is right for the projects you are looking to take on.

The Different Types of Spray Guns

There are three main Spray Guns used for insulation projects, Mechanical Purge Guns, Air Purge Guns, and Solvent Purge Guns. These three guns have similar mechanics when used, the main one being that the two chemicals are not mixed until you have activated the gun. However, the difference between these three different types of spray foam guns is how the gun pushes the foam out.

1. The Solvent Purge Gun

The solvent purge guns are superior to the air purge guns. By using a chemical solvent, it prevents the two chemicals from mixing together, and flushes out any materials left in the gun chamber. This spray gun is commonly used for coating rather than insulation itself. This gun is flexible for application and the ClearShot technology sets this gun apart from any other applicators. This gun virtually eliminates drilling of the mix chamber which allows for more spraying time while reducing your maintenance time. This spray foam gun uses a disposable cartridge to help clear the materials left inside the mix chamber, which saves you time each day you spray. The Graco Fusion CS allows you to change from large to small patterns in seconds, with variable flow.

2. Air Purge Gun

The air purge gun is the most straightforward gun. Compared to the other guns, the air purge guns do not require high maintenance. No tools are needed to clean the mixing chamber, which makes it easy and cheap to maintain. This gun is built to withstand harsh wear and tear with its simple air-blast tip technology that reduces build-up and tip clogging. Air Purge guns are popular for those who are looking to do a DIY project at home and include an ergonomic handle. The Fusion AP gun has a quick release fluid housing that lets you easily change the mix chambers without tools.

3. Mechanical Purge Gun

The Mechanical gun provides a better mix and application. This mechanical purge spray foaming gun holds a valving rod that prevents the mixing of the two chemicals used for spray foam until it is ready to be used. This gun has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable and lightweight that reduces excessive build-up of foam. This also allows for increased spraying time without excessive fatigue. The mechanical purge spray foam gun is useful for those who need a variety of flow rates for different jobs across your project. However, it is a necessary need for constant cleaning and maintenance. Graco’s GX-7 gun is a great roofing application gun, it is also ideal for concrete lifting applications since the mechanical-purge operation eliminates back pressure related issues. This gun has a lightweight design which reduces operator fatigue and is mechanically self-cleaning.

If you are an experienced spray foam contractor, are you using the most efficient tools for your projects? To ensure that you are capturing all the demand you can during the season, you need equipment that needs minimal repairs, and operates efficiently. It may be time to replace your ageing fleet of spray foam guns.

If you are a contractor offering spray foam insulation for the first time in 2022, you will want to ensure you have the proper equipment that is easy to use and will stand the test of time!

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