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Best Graco Insulation Spray Foam Guns

Looking for the best spray foam guns on the market? We’ve got you covered. Given how the market is constantly overflowing with many different products, it can be quite challenging to find a quality spray foam gun that has the right features, made for you and your projects. We are here to help you navigate through the overwhelming details to help you best find what works for you.
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What Should You Look for In a Spray Foam Gun?

Versality is essential when searching for a spray foam gun, unless you need it for a specific job, so thinking about the products’ potentiality is important.

Find a gun that makes your job easy. A spray foam gun that has quality will leave you satisfied without feeling exhausted. A well thought design is important for both versatility and efficiency when on the job site.

Some buyers might be eager to get their hands on the first spray foam gun they come across, but we believe that the right research is essential for your choice.

Below you will find a guide on the best Graco Spray Foam Guns on the market, made for you and your projects.

Graco Fusion AP Gun

The Graco Fusion AP Gun is the most straightforward and reliable air purge gun, it is easy to use for most seasoned contractors. This spray foam gun has many benefits, including its ergonomic handle and its quick release fluid housing that lets you easily change the mix chambers without extra tools. This spray foam gun is easy to use, manage and to maintain. These qualities help in reducing any worker downtime while also ensuring a great finished result. The key feature in the Graco Fusion AP Gun is its easy maintenance, it is quick to clean, which reduces the risk of damage to it, allowing the gun to less likely get clogged.

Graco Fusion CS

A secondary Graco gun is the Graco CS Plural Component Fusion Gun. This gun uses its liquid purge technology to allow for more spraying time while reducing your maintenance time, allowing contractors to remain busy for long hours. The system is reliable, allowing you to change from large to small patterns in seconds, with variable flow.

Maintenance is easy, but the liquid purge technology is more advanced than the air purge gun. This spray foam gun uses ClearShot liquid to keep it working at its very best. ClearShot reduces the amount of buildup that can occur within the gun, allowing for less repairs. It reduces costs for repairs as well as labor for cleaning the spray foam guns.

Graco GX-7 Gun

The Graco GX-7 Gun provides a better mix and application to the foam. This gun also has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable and lightweight. The mechanical system provides increased spraying time without excessive fatigue, the mechanical operation eliminating back pressure related issues. It is useful for those in need of a variety of flow rates for different jobs. The maintenance is more advanced than the other two spray foam guns, needing more time and care for the gun, but is mechanically self-cleaning. This gun would be ideal for roofing and lifting purposes.

Before deciding on which spray gun to purchase, decide which features are most important to you and you’ll be able to choose the best gun for your needs. To help find the gun that’s right for your business and application, speak with one of our trained specialists today.

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