R2 Internally Heated Hose Promo

Free Graco Fusion PC or AP Gun

Get ready for a scorching deal this summer! From now until September 30, 2023, we are offering an unbeatable package - a FREE Graco Fusion PC or AP Gun with your purchase of a Reactor 2 Internally Heated Hose Package! Just ensure your hose package is 270 feet or more and the premium gun is yours, completely free of charge. Don't miss out on this unbeatable opportunity to upgrade your equipment and enhance your productivity. The clock is ticking, so grab your deal today!

To redeem this amazing offer, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to redeem.graco.com and enter your contact info
  2. Enter your coupon code (R2H23)
  3. Select your offer
  4. Upload a digital copy of your purchase receipt

Please make sure to have all the necessary information and documents ready before proceeding.

Call or Text us at 1-866-348-8868 to order your R2 internally heated hose package.