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Don't risk your reputation

on non-Graco replacement parts. Protect your investment and your company's future with genuine Graco parts.

Designed, tested and built for reliability

Graco's engineering team designs and specifies every part that goes into a product or system

Parts are tested and re-tested for performance, long life and durability

Each quality part is dependent on another

Graco equipment is designed as a unified system

Each part carefully selected for peak performance

When any system part is replaced with a lower quality, non-Graco part, the performance of the system is jeopardized

O-rings Graco Quality

After spending the same amount of time soaking in solvent, the Graco OME O-Ring left still fits securely, protecting the side seal, while the non OEM part on the right expanded and swelled in cross section.

Using genuine Graco parts we only recommend you break down your gun once a week. That adds up to 40 minutes per month or eight hours per year.

Using non OEM parts will add up to higher costs. Which comes out to 10 min per day, 50 min per week, about 3.3 hours a month and around 40 hours per year.