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Xcelerator Whip Hose

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Product Features

Graco’s new Xcelerator heated hoses provide more options and control than ever. All Xcelerator hoses are designed to provide full independent A and B temperature control. This provides more precise pressure balancing and improved material yield. New robust construction provides longer life and reduced maintenance.

Xcelerator heated hoses come as internally or externally heated hoses, that are independently temperature controlled. The new internally heated hoses have 40% faster warm-up times, are 40% more flexible, and have a 35% smaller diameter compared to traditional externally heated hose.

Temperature Control

  • Fully-independent A and B temperature control

Heated Hose

  • Internally heated and externally heated options

Variety of Lengths

  • Available in both 50 ft and 100 ft lengths: Minimizes fluid and electrical connections

Optimized for Resistance Control Mode

  • Reduces maintenance and issues with no cables or sensors required
Technical Specifications
Extension Tip Kits No
Brand Graco
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