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ST-1 Air-Purge Gun

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Product Features

Smoother Patterns, More Uptime, Better Ergonomics

Increase your productivity, spray consistency, and uptime with Carlisle’s ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun. This high-performance spray gun features patented ergonomics for increased comfort and control, quick change mix tips for precision and consistency, and an intuitive design to service.

The Carlisle ST-1 Gun Features:


  • Check valve eliminates crossover of material into air passage
  • Quickly change tips and mix chamber to optimize flow and pattern width

  • Ultra Onyx™ coating improves gun body life and cleaning
  • Higher performance side seal increases gun life, uptime
  • Tip design reduces overspray build-up on the gun and keeps the sprayer spraying

  • Award winning, balanced handle allows sprayers to spray longer
  • Swivel straps, handle winglets, and 10% lighter design reduce hand stress
  • Simple, single tool service
  • Handle winglets reduces purlicue stress and helps operators maintain accuracy

  • Integral Air Check Value prevents prevents crossovers or fluid leaks from entering air sections or pistion
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    Technical Specifications
    Extension Tip Kits No
    Brand Carlisle
    Maximum Fluid Temperature (degrees F) 200
    Max. Input - Air Pressure (psi) 130
    Max. Output - Fluid Pressure (psi) 3500
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