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Quick Heat Hose

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Product Features

The QuickHeat Hose, a part of Carlisle’s IntelliSpray System, features improved process control, flexible hose lengths, higher DeltaT, and a durable reliable design. The independent A & B sensors throughout the QuickHeat Hose provides the most accurate temperature and pressure control information, communicating back to the proportioner and sprayer for optimized performance.

The Carlisle QuickHeat Hose Features:

Fast And Reliable Heat

  • Unique, embedded heater wire floats in hose fluid stream achieving >100F DeltaT
  • Multi-zone design allows separate pre-heating of A & B materials
  • Real Time System Control By Intellisense

  • Pressure and temperature data communicated and controlled within hose
  • Built-in optical indicators and bluetooth communication to keep operators in the know
  • Improved Hose Life

  • Replace A & B side of hose independently
  • All electronics and sensors are fully potted to protect them from the environment
  • Cut Labor and Material Costs

  • Heating element in fluid drives higher DeltaT
  • Cut warmup and reheating time by over 50%
  • True Ratio Control

  • Independent heating of A & B materials maximizes ratio control
  • Hose works with proportioner to manage pressure and temperature control from the spray area
  • Smarter, More Durable Rig

  • Fewer fluid and electrical connections improves reliability and eliminates common hose fail point
  • Re-useable, non-snagging scuff jacket for worry free operation and easy service
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