Barrel and Drum Warmers

Effective industrial drum heaters eliminate waste and lower costs incurred from materials damaged by improper storage. Storing materials in drums and barrels can be problematic. Foods, chemicals, spray foam, epoxies, resins, and other industrial materials often have strict temperature storage requirements. It’s important to store these products at optimal temperatures. If these fragile materials spend time outside of their prescribed temperature zone, longevity will be drastically reduced, resulting in and wasted product, inflated costs, and stained budgets.

Powerblanket’s 55-gallon drum heater, 30-gallon drum heater, and 15-gallon drum heater blankets all come with temperature control options for optimal results. Unlike conventional insulated blankets and band heaters, Powerblanket has developed the best heat distribution solutions to heat barrels and drums evenly and consistently. Maintain optimal viscosity and flow, while avoiding burning and scorching.

 Powerblanet Drum Heater