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IS40 Proportioner Spray Foam System

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Product Features

Carlisle Spray Technologies built the new IS40 proportioner, part of the IntelliSpray system, to increase productivity and sprayer uptime. With the intuitive, easy to use controls and automation through the system’s fully independent motors and drives, contractors will save in materials and labor. Sprayers will increase productivity by decreasing warm-up time, maintain a consistent temperature and pressure at the gun, and bring next-generation automation to the jobsite.

The Carlisle IS40 Proportioner Features

Simple, Intuitive Display

  • Brilliant, 15" Full Color Display
  • Touchscreen with Intuitive pull-down menus
  • Built-in Operating Manuals and Full Motion
  • Video Capability
  • Intuitive display design makes operation a breeze
  • Proven, Industrial Grade Hardware

  • Major components field proven with years of run-time in similar chemistry and applications
  • Highly engineered to reduce fittings, seals and costly points of failure
  • Motor bearing life rated at over 20,000 hours
  • Extended warranty on major components
  •  True Ratio Control

  • Independent, Servo-driven motors control the flow of A & B materials
  • Integral flow meters monitor the flow of A and B materials to assure that foam is applied on-ratio
  • System automatically compensates for worn components, plugged filters/lines to keep the operator spraying materials on-ratio
  • Work Faster

  • Unique heater technology supports >100°F DeltaT
  • Heating capacity allows contractors to increase mix chamber/tip sizes and spray faster
  • System can spray most fluids at higher pressures leading to greater yields and productivity
  • More Control

  • Operating information can be monitored by an owner/operator remotely when the proportioner is bought with a modem.
  • System can be remotely supported from the cloud by our Global Service Center
  • IntelliSense Remote allows sprayers to adjust settings directly from the spray area
    • Easy, Modular Service
  • Make any repairs from front of machine
  • Major components can be replaced in minutes not hours
  • More Intelligence, Less Expertise

  • Built-in automated procedures free up operators to focus on other spray tasks and not the machine
  • Embedded sensors pinpoint problem areas and allow crews to troubleshoot with ease
  • Built-in, filter monitoring — automatically alerts operators when inlet filters need to be changed
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