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Fusion PC Gun

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Product Features

Rebuild your spray foam gun in seconds with the revolutionary Fusion PC ProConnect gun. The Graco Fusion PC features an all-in-one cartridge head that replaces multiple parts of a fluid section with one single component. The simple replacement of the cartridge eliminates a time-consuming rebuild of your gun. Keeping it simple and easy to use as you continue to spray and minimizes downtime.

This Spray Foam gun won’t let you down. It’s feels and sprays like the Graco Fusion AP and has the same form factor and excellent spray pattern that’s become an industry standard.

 The Fusion PC Gun Features:

  • A single ProConnect cartridge replaces multiple parts and can be changed in seconds
  • Built on the same platform of the Fusion Air Purge Gun. The Fusion PC sprays exactly like a Fusion AP Gun
  • Integrated check valves for cross-over containment
  • Spare ProConnect cartridges can replace your back-up guns
  • Easy access to mix chambers without having to remove the fluid housing
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    Technical Specifications
    Extension Tip Kits No
    Electrical Connection Electrical
    Brand Graco
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