Evospray - Graco Fusion AP Aftermarket Spray Foam Parts

Afetrmarket Parts for the Fusion AP Gun

Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc. offers aftermarket parts for use with your Graco Fusion Air Purge spray foam guns. These products by EvoSpray have been tested in the field by reputable spray foam companies in addition to lab testing. They perform as well as Graco genuine parts.

Mix Chambers

EvoSpray is now offering an upgraded tip (harder material = less scratches = less leaks and longer life). We start with a harder material than the others and then case harden and temper it when we finish the machine work. Available in round pattern in the following sizes: AR4242, AR4747, AR5252, and AR6060.

Side Seals

We not only use stainless steel, but the actual correct stainless Graco uses. These side seals also come with the correct o-rings.



Check Valves

Stainless Steel Check Valve assembly with all stainless internals. These check valves include premium o-rings.